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Exosphere is the place in my head where every fandom I’ve ever loved collides chaotically together. It will never be finished, because I’m always falling in love with new characters and adding them to my cast.


The main premise is that a confederation of worlds called the Star Alliance exists in the greater-multiverse. In the present day, this republic of worlds from across the galaxies and dimensions is mainly autonomous and run by a democratic government, but a great deal of power still resides with the twelve founding guilds who created the Star Alliance— the Twelve Star Guilds, corresponding to the twelve zodiac points. The Star Guilds hold a great deal of political and military influence in the Star Alliance, by virtue of history and might. Unlike the many other guilds in existence within the Star Alliance, the Twelve Star Guilds are ruled by their mysteriously god-like leaders, and the immortal disciples they bless as their Champions. The Champions of the Gods are said to be god-like themselves. 



"I am running away from my responsibilities and it feels great."  You want me to care about something? In this economy? 


"This guild has absolutely zero chill and I fucking love it." A lust for adventure, lager, and general debauchery.


"I've won plenty of duels... and still nothing feels better than forwarding an email that you were accused of not sending." Fine as hell and petty AF. 


"They all just look like they're forever sternly exhaling." Look these cyber punks keep the universe running and they're criminally underpaid for it. 


"Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."


"A bunch of rude and untimely pretentious dicks." - Orion. They deal with souls and are really fucking mysterious about it. 


"Why the fuck would you as me if I'm fine. Have you seen me? I'm fine as HELL."  Casual baby punks capable of causing way too much property damage.


"Ever fluctuating aesthetic tyrannies." If you are not the most fashionable person you know, this guild is probably not for you. 


"This guild is brought to you by trauma... and the simple life." But really these guys are the nicest, sweetest, most consistently overworked people you know. 


"The people in here are as uninspiring as shopping for Gutenberg Bibles."  They don't mean to be boring, they're just basically monks by trade. 


"It is, in most cases, depressingly casual."  Surprisingly low key for people who literally stop time and live with crippling levels of anxiety. 


"She's either an off-duty assassin or a fashionable villain but either way I'm into it."  Cynical? Maybe. Vicious? Perhaps. But unstylish? Blasphemy!



All around physical class with great crowd control and AoE. 


Meelee class with high DPS and attack. Excellent offensive spell casting. 


Magic class with high precision and crit hit. 


All around magic class with great crowd control and AoE. 


Physical class with high speed and attack. Capable of flight. Moderate spell casting.


Magic class with summoning capabilities. High survivability. 


Physical class with high attack and healing. Excellent spell casting in AoE buffs.


Meelee class with high defense and speed. Capable of flight. Moderate spell casting. 


Specialist magic class with access to illusion and mesmer magic. High survivability.


Physical class with high defense and high healing. Moderate spell casting in both offense and buffs.


Ranged class with high DPS and attack. Excellent offensive spell casting.


Special support class adept at barriers and divination.

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