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Crepusculo sul Mare

Venice might be a tourist trap but it's one you have to see in your lifetime. There really is no other city like it.

Gondola ride? Take it or leave it honestly. The city is also a logistical nightmare so brace yourself for some walking. Get a hotel that docks on one of the main canals, save yourself the trouble of lugging your suitcase down the winding, narrow streets. This is one of those cities where you're just better off biting the bullet and paying for a water taxi to and from whatever your travel accommodations may be. Maps are also hilariously hit or miss; there were a few times where it seemed to expect me to just pull a jesus and walk on water, or magically summon up a ferry to cross. Funnily enough, the map in Pokemon Go somehow never led me astray. This is one of my favorite cities because it's so easy to get lost in. Doesn't matter where you turn, everything just feels magical. It's a city rich with history what with it being one of the few places emerging relatively unscathed from all the World Wars.

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