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Dior x Jujutsu Kaisen

So I've actually had this half finished on my cloud for who knows how long and finally just manned up and filled in all the details. I'm both thrilled with how it came out but also a little ambivalent idk.

It was my first time attempting anything like this so it took me way too long to do it. What I love so much about this era of Christian Dior (is it even an era if it was only like two years ago lol) is how much of the detail and craftsmanship shines through in all the prints, and I wanted to emulate that but then forgot I was doing it digitally. And when I start a new project I don't know how to approach I always just do the 'well if I was doing it on pencil and paper how would I do it?' way and while that works it's definitely not the most efficient.

About halfway through the bottom right I realized I could make it once, color it once, and then duplicate it and just do some light editing to make the other three corners, and also figured out how to use the paint bucket tool for easy fills while still maintaining the texture of the watercolor brushes. Once I got that down it was much more smooth sailing.

My favorite lil' details:

- the four corners, The Six Eyes, the Limitless Void, The Infinity and The Honored one - idk they just sound so epic and it fit so well to have four of them. I wanted it to be all shades of blue in honor of Mappa's mesmerizing render of Gojo's Six Eyes but seeing it finished I probably should have added in some of that red from the original.

- the whole single eye thing which is a rip from Season 1's second OP (Vivid Vice by Who-ya Extended) wherein again, someone in Mappa who really simps Gojo did us all a solid and animated a really spectacular split second of just his single eye

- Also in the four corners, some classics: "if abstraction is the definition of beauty, are those of us chasing clarity a representation of ugly?" - sustain++ - mili, GitSAC2045 ed

- "but it's just the price I pay, destiny is calling me, open up my eager eyes" - mr. brightside - the killers

-"what's the worst that I could say things are better if I stay, so long and good night" - Helena - MCR, my fucking BOP right now jesus

-"well if you wanted honesty all you had to do was say, I'm not okay" - I'm not okay (I promise) - MCR

yeah idk I'm in a huge MCR phase like ten years after I thought I was over it but that's just not how it works I guess.

$$$: This is one of those designs that just have a lot of detail and I don't really trust anything but Society 6 to print it with justice.

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