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Kodai Yui, the almost OC

The amount of people who assume she's an Original Character never fails to make me smile. The fact of the matter is, she basically is an OC.

I drew this off of one of my favorite Ena cards from p-sekai

Not only is she a total Class 1-B sidecharacter (or Extra, as Bakugou would call it!) she also canonically rarely says more than 'Mm!" and even including that as a line, probably has less than twelve in the entire series. When I was building Gojo's band, I intentionally chose characters that don't have much impact on canon because I actually never intended for them to be a large part of the story! My, how times have changed 😅

She's absolutely the silent and cool type that actually has a lot to say and just doesn't say it, which stems from both her naturally quite disposition and her childhood. She's the oldest of six, with a nine year age gap between herself and her oldest younger brother. Her backstory is heavily inspired by Yuki from the shoujo manga Namaikizakari - heavily recommend if you're into shoujo! She doesn't share much with Yuki though, aside from a general air of maturity and outwardly composed countenance.

This drawing was actually the easiest for me out of all the No Scrubs artwork, because Ena from p-sekai is just the perfect Yui. I really liked this pose too!

As of final No Scrubs discography - some of which isn't in the story yet ;) - her favorites are as follows:

Top 5 No Scrubs songs to perform:

  1. Never Believe (Coffee's for Closers - Fall out Boy)

  2. My Hero (Foo Fighters)

  3. So Long, and Goodnight (Helena - My Chemical Romance)

  4. Reinventing the Wheel to Run Myself Over (Fall Out Boy)

  5. Cherub Rock (Smashing Pumpkins)

Top 5 No Scrubs songs to listen to:

  1. A Loaded God Complex (Sugar We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy)

  2. Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner (Fall Out Boy)

  3. Semi-Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind)

  4. Holiday (Green Day)

  5. Never Believe (Coffee's for Closers - Fall out Boy)

Interview with the mysterious No Scrubs drummer, Yui-chan!

What are your nicknames?

Yui-chan, I guess. My bandmates jokingly refer to me as Jailbait, and I'm in Satoru's phone as 'the little dummer boy', if those count. I've also been told I'm 'The Master of Deadpans'.

If you could pick one No Scrubs song as your 'entrance' song, what would it be?

Smells Like Teen Spirit from Death Before Decaf

Which of your bandmates would you want to spring you out of jail?

Definitely Makoto. She can sweet talk her way out of a bank robbery.

What's your favorite season?


Who's your favorite bandmate?

It's absolutely Kenji. She's the only one that doesn't make my blood pressure skyrocket, and the only one that knows how to follow a fucking beat on stage.

What got you into drumming?

I... like the sound.

How often does Ru-kun steal your hats?

Way too often. He still has my Red Sox one, which is my favorite too.

What song gave you the most difficulty writing, and which gives you the most difficulty performing?

Most difficult to write was Wake Me Up off Infinity on High. The contrast between pauses in the drum parts and the loudness of the entrances was hard to get right at first.

Hardest to perform is a toss up between Misery Business and A Loaded God Complex, for very different reasons. Misery Business is all about the timing, since Satoru needs to remember to be perfectly in sync with me for the first beat, which he often forgets. For A Loaded God Complex, the patterns can be tricky if I'm not paying close attention; it can sound very discordant if the fills aren't tightened up enough.

A lot of songs from your debut era were never released on Spotify or on any of the official albums. Are there any you think deserve a spot in the limelight?

I really like The Patron Saint of Fakes and Liars, but I don't always like playing it. We also have a song called Teenagers we've never performed that I think is pretty fun.

You've got a lot of drum kits these days. Which is your favorite?

My Tama kit has a great stage presence, I think. But my favorite is still the Orange County set I have in Satoru's recording studio.

How would you describe No Scrubs' music in a nutshell?

... One time our head sound producer Kaito-san was listening to one of our songs and said, "I can't tell if this song is about a girl or him not liking his dad" and Makoto just looked at him and said, "Yes." And I think that sums it up pretty well.

What's your favorite line from a No Scrubs' song?

"Last years' wishes are this years' apologies", from an unreleased song called I'm Like a Lawyer the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off.

How do you handle being a full-time Hero student and a full-time rockstar?

The full-time rockstar part is debatable. Part-time rockstar is probably more apt. Since we aren't constantly touring, and have a pretty light performing schedule, it's not as much time as you might think it would be. Practicing takes up a lot of time, but I would have been doing that anyway since I play the drums to wind down.

I won't lie, Satoru being able to teleport is pretty useful from a time management perspective.

You have to spend an hour long car ride with either your bandmate Ru-kun or your former hero mentor Hawks. Who do you choose?

Hawks never rides in cars if he can help it, and Satoru can teleport at will. I'm not really sure why I'd be in a car with either of them for that long, but I guess if I have to choose it would be Satoru. He's got great taste in music.

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