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Roaming around Sootopolis

Wedding bells in Santorini, Greece

Did you know Santorini was the inspiration for Sootopolis, the final gym town in Gen 3 Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire that you have to dive underwater to access? Hoenn was one of my favorite regions because I felt all the cities were unique and inspired - now I want to travel the world to find the inspiration for all of them, because Santorini did not disappoint.

As I went for a wedding I didn't get much time to do any of my usual solo travel stuff. The wedding was stunning though.

The Hotel: Rocabella

Samwise Gamgee herself, first of her name, first of the cousins, keeper of Stanley the demented demon dog, was getting married so the venue had to be appropriately bougie. It did not disappoint. The hotel itself is an architectural digest, the included breakfast is incredible to say nothing of the breathtaking view across their restaurant.

That being said not every room is created equal. The ones in the back were quite nice but lacking in views, and the 'plunge pool' room can mean a lot depending on if its one of the little mini ones tucked away in the back or the ones facing the caldera. And if it's one of the plunge pools with that epic sea view - expect to hear every wedding every night. They should probably provide earplugs to all guests in those rooms if they have near daily weddings as they say they do (and I don't doubt it) because I could hear the party rocking on till midnight with startling clarity. As a traveler I brought my own earplugs so it wasn't the end of the world, and the hotel is very good at providing a hard stop for weddings at 12 and not budging on the matter.

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