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The Loveliest Color (Words)

"And as he stares into his beautiful ___ eyes, he has to wonder how many unlikely and unfortunate genomes converged into this impossible, stunning, irreverent dumpster fire of a human."

Yes this is from a Jujutsu Kaisen fic about Gojo Satoru, my favorite human garbage can. Yes I spent an outrageous amount of time procrastinating and getting waylaid by internet memes as I tried to find an interesting way to describe his eyes other than 'blue'. If you know anything about JJK, then you know very well that those eyes are not just blue.

I eventually figured out a way to fill in the blank. In the interim, I also spent way too long making these pantone inspired color sheets. I think they're pretty cute, so I decided to share them with you all!

The Loveliest Color (Words), Green

Ah, the color of green and envy. And nature. And plants. Also emeralds. Too many emeralds. I'm not calling anyone out here haha, I'm in the same boat. I used to hate jade with a passion - too many Naruto fics where Sakura's 'pretty jade eyes filled with tears' I guess lol, and I've always been partial to Viridian, Celadon and Olivine, because: Pokemon. Some greens that didn't quite make the list: seafoam, sage and peridot.

The Loveliest Color (Words), Red

Love, fire, passion. Everyone knows ruby, which is why I went with the less known 'rubious' (I have yet to use it, but that's my own bias because I can't help thinking of Rubeus Hagrid and oh god now I've done it to you too I'm sorry. Blaze and blazing are really fun because I like the connotation of passion when you say 'someone's blazing eyes'.

The Loveliest Color (Words), Orange

Okay people always hate on me because I'll say someone has 'flaming' hair in one sentence and then call it 'copper' in the next all in a huff because 'fire is red!!!'. Fire is A LOT of colors okay like if you've stared into flickering flames having a brooding existential crisis you would know there's a whole array of colors in fire depending on what it's made of and how tired of the human existence your eyes are. Most of them if you used a color picker would actually register as more yellow or orange than red. If you've ever been painting flames and cried because you put in one tiny drop of red and suddenly your yellow-orange mixture is suddenly the color of blood, you know what I'm talking about.

I put 'gingerline' in here mainly just to remember coming across it because I thought it was pretty cool. But ginger is one I use way more often. Vermilion is of course my favorite: pokemon striking again.

The Loveliest Color (Words), Yellow

More pokemon shoutouts with Goldenrod and Saffron. I've always loved lemon too - sunbound is a new one from this year. I haven't used marigold yet, but I'm itching for it. It's so strong though, it feels more like a proper noun, you know? Like Sir Marigold, the knight of knights or something.

The Loveliest Color (Words), Blue

I honestly think blue is probably the toughest for me. Almost because I like it too much, you know? Oceanic didn't make this list, which bummed me because I use it way too much, but mazarine was just way too cool to pass up. I also went with azuline and cobalite over the more common azure and cobalt, for no other reason other than I wanted to remind myself there are other words for both of those. And of course, no one can ever forget cerulean, least of all because of that obnoxious song from the OG pokemon dub. Some that didn't make the list but still remain my all time favorites: watery, cornflower, glacial, arctic, and pavonine.

The Loveliest Color (Words), Purple

Purple was another tough one, because I actually used to hate the color as a kid. I think because I only ever saw it when it was a vaguely hideous barney-esque shade. Being a mixture of blue, red, and even pink to an extent, this color actually has so much flexibility that I've recently come to love it. That it can go from that pale perwinkle-esque lilac all the way to a deep maroon-ish violet.

The Loveliest Color (Words), Pink

Wow okay hello pink, how incredibly hard it is to find a word for you that has nothing to do with flowers! I gave it my best effort though honestly. But rose and rosaline are still the ones I run with the most.

The Loveliest Color (Words), Pale

Another difficult one to skim down to just twelve words. Again, I went with the ones I don't see very often mainly as a way to remember them, but some that didn't make the list: cream, taupe, pearl, wintry, and snowy.

The Loveliest Color (Words), Brown

I love how dynamic both the warm and cool tones of this color can be.

The Loveliest Color (Words), Dark

I don't know why I can't use the word midnight anymore without laughing. I blame that one scene in Neo Yokio where the villain's like 'bitch I see you, you're wearing a black tux against a midnight blue sky' or something like that after the main character just had a minor meltdown over suit colors earlier in the episode.

The Loveliest Color (Words) Bonus: Prismatic

Bonus round! I both love and hate trying to describe those sort of otherworldly magical colors that don't really exist within the boxes of our usual colors.

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